Mayhem – Death Archives Exhibition

In 2016, Mayhem toured performances of their entire debut album for the first time, and released an autobiography of the band’s early years.

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Rebuilding Temples Festival 2016

Those with an ear to the underground will have heard the sound of Temples Festival 2016 imploding with a pungent whiff of sadness, good-natured understanding and bitterness, barely a week before this popular metal-fest was due to shake Bristol’s foundations for a third year running. Posting a long apology and cancellation announcement on the festival’s […]

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Quintessential Lovecraftian Black Metal – ‘Al Azif’ by The Great Old Ones (2012)

Ahead of their 2016 European tour alongside intense German black-metallers Der Weg einer Freiheit, which kicks off later this month, Weird Metal Blog celebrates The Great Old Ones‘ (TGOO) phenomenal debut album from 2012, Al Azif.  I’ll admit that this is more an essay than a blog post – apologies – but I think the album’s quality […]

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Four Theses on Weird Metal

The post below was originally given as a paper entitled ‘”Within this music’s darkness are glinting the treasures”: Four Theses on Weird Metal’ at The Weird: Fugitive Fictions and Hybrid Genres – a conference run by the University of London on 8 November 2013. It has been tweaked to make sense as a blog post, with recent […]

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