Mayhem – Death Archives Exhibition

In 2016, Mayhem toured performances of their entire debut album for the first time, and released an autobiography of the band’s early years.

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Rebuilding Temples Festival 2016

Those with an ear to the underground will have heard the sound of Temples Festival 2016 imploding with a pungent whiff of sadness, good-natured understanding and bitterness, barely a week before this popular metal-fest was due to shake Bristol’s foundations for a third year running. Posting a long apology and cancellation announcement on the festival’s […]

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Four Theses on Weird Metal

The post below was originally given as a paper entitled ‘”Within this music’s darkness are glinting the treasures”: Four Theses on Weird Metal’ at The Weird: Fugitive Fictions and Hybrid Genres – a conference run by the University of London on 8 November 2013. It has been tweaked to make sense as a blog post, with recent […]

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Album Review: ‘The Finest Day I Ever Lived, Was When Tomorrow Never Came’ by Monolithian

Released on Atomsmasher Records in 2015, The Finest Day I Ever Lived, Was When Tomorrow Never Came is the debut album from Falmouth’s finest doom/black metal duo Monolithian. Combining the seriously bad-ass bass-playing and varied vocal styles of frontman Simon with Shannon’s solid drumming, Monolithian are a formidable live force. Weird Metal Blog knows this, having […]

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