I can think of no better way to usher in the new sonic year than with a gig that Café OTO promised to contain “live music, reading and discussion”, exploring “the lycanthropy legend and its cultural influence”, and headlined by drone-guitar hero Dylan Carlson no less.

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Rebuilding Temples Festival 2016

Those with an ear to the underground will have heard the sound of Temples Festival 2016 imploding with a pungent whiff of sadness, good-natured understanding and bitterness, barely a week before this popular metal-fest was due to shake Bristol’s foundations for a third year running. Posting a long apology and cancellation announcement on the festival’s […]

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The Weird Tale of Mutations Festival 2015

Back in the Year of our Lord 2015 Weird Metal Blog – accompanied this time by a mysterious individual known only as The Partner – ventured forth to the English coast to attend the inaugural edition of Brighton’s Mutations Festival, organised by One Inch Badge. The Mutations Festival, spread across several venues in Brighton, was conceived with an implicitly Weird premise: […]

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